As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Disney World can fill up quickly, creating long lines and stress for visitors. Good planning can help to avoid the crowds, as can a little inside knowledge of how the parks operate.

For your convenience, as well as sanity, we have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Months to Visit Disney World,” in so you can avoid the crazy crowds and enjoy your magical vacation.

Best Times to Visit Disney World to Avoid the Crowds:


January is a great time to visit Disney World. Keep in mind that one of the busiest days of the year is January 1, but after that, the crowds just vanish. The only holiday to look out for is Martin Luther King Weekend which will bring in a few extra visitors but not enough to drive you crazy.


The first two weeks of February are the best times to go that month. After that, be advised that President’s Day weekend can attract a ton of visitors.


May is a great month for a trip to Walt Disney World. The first half of the month there are light crowds, the Flower and Garden Festival and great weather.


The last few weeks of August is probably the best time to visit. The first couple of weeks of August are pretty busy, but like magic, everyone goes home and the parks are almost empty for the next six weeks or so. Just make sure you like the heat because August is brutal in Florida.


September may be the month of the smallest crowds at Disney World. It’s a fantastic time to take a trip as the weather tends to be a little cooler. Added bonus? Food and Wine Festival kicks off.

Choosing when to visit makes all the difference as far as crowds go. The busiest times for Disney include the summer period, the end of December, as well as the weeks circulating spring break. With kids being out of school, people tend to travel more which can lead to crowded attractions and long lines. The same is true on holiday weekends.

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