Crayola Experience is more than a place for crayon doodling and coloring. This unique attraction boasts over 20 hands-on experiences that are sure to bring out the creative side of kids and adults alike. Whether it’s coloring with your favorite crayons or creating a masterpiece with “Drip Art” or “Art Alive!”, Crayola Experience offers endless hours of family fun. With plenty of entertaining options to choose from, here are our five favorite attractions at Crayola:

Color Magic

Personalize your favorite character and watch it come alive on your computer screen. Let your creation journey into the enchanting forest, and magical castles or the hustle and bustle of New York City. Before the adventure ends, don’t forget to take a selfie!

You Design

Dream of becoming a fashion designer, model or race car driver? Live your dream and test your design abilities in this virtual interactive studio, and showcase your dress on the runway or race car on the track.

Rockin’ Paper

The stage is set, let the dance competition begin. Decorate and assemble your rockin’ pterodactyl paper and watch as it turns, bops and rocks to the music under the spotlight. May the best dancer win!

Drip Art

Channel your inner artist at the Drip Art attraction where you can load your favorite crayon colors and watch it melt and drip wax onto your paper while it spins. The result is a color and swirly-whirly masterpiece.

Be The Star

Ever wondered what it’s like to color yourself? Here’s your chance to star alongside crayon characters on your own coloring page. Take a picture at the photo booth and pick your favorite background and let the coloring fun start. Love your creation? You can print the image on a t-shirt, canvas, or puzzle at the Crayola store.

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