Orlando Spring Break Tips 2016

Thanks to the harsh winter, Orlando’s sunshine and palm trees almost look like a platter of goodness for tourists around the world. Whether you’re planning to visit in the busy month of March, or you’re taking your spring vacation in May, Orlando is sure to satisfy your vacation craving. Here are 10 tips and insights to help you have the best Spring Break Getaway in Orlando Central FL.

10 tips for your Orlando Spring Break Vacation


Tip #1 March is the busiest month for Orlando Theme Parks

If you’re planning to hit up the Walt Disney World Theme Parks, be prepared for long lines and lots of people. If it’s in your budget- we highly recommend buying the Disney Fast Pass. This special ticket will help you skip the long lines to get on the ride faster. Looking to visit Disney with Accommodations? We offer tickets + accommodations!


Tip #2 Bring snacks (or lunch)

Whether you are planning to visit the theme parks or you’re looking to go on a Florida Wildlife Air boat ride, pack a few snacks in your bag to keep the children, or your significant other, satisfied. This one tip will also save you lots of money. A bag of cotton candy at the park can be as high as $5.


Tip #3 Pack your swimsuit

Orlando Florida weather is mostly sunny and really warm so don’t forget your most important necessity, your swimsuit. Not only can you lounge around the pool but you could also wear it to the parks. There’s always a water ride at the theme parks!


Tip #4 Map out your vacation

Not only will you save time, but you’ll also have a more stress-free vacation if you go ahead and plan all of the fun attractions that you anticipate to visit. You can also score deals if you purchase early. VisitOrlando has plenty of information to help you plan the perfect getaway. Check them out here: www.visitorlando.com



Tip #5 Save a day to visit the beach

If you plan to stay in Orlando for three days or more, save one of your days to visit the beautiful Florida Beaches. Port Canaveral is about an hour drive away and entails the famous Cocoa Beach.


Tip #6 Wear comfortable shoes

It doesn’t matter what you plan to do on your Orlando Spring Break vacation, all that matters is you wear comfortable shoes. More than likely, you are going to be walking a lot. Floridians are famous for wearing flip flops but if you plan to visit the parks, you may want to pack some tennis shoes.


Tip #7 Visit the Water Parks

With Florida heat, we recommend testing the waters at one of your favorite Water Parks. Wet ‘n Wild is one of our favs! Don’t miss your chance to experience the iconic water park before they close at the end of 2016.


Tip #8 Choose a Condo-Hotel vs. a Hotel for accommodations

We strongly suggest booking your stay at Floridays Orlando Resort. Not only do we offer amazing Spring Savings Packages this month, but we also offer 2 & 3 bedroom suites with a fully-equipped kitchen, in-suite washer and dryer, private bedrooms, and spacious living area. Check out our accommodations.


Tip #9 Set your Priorities

Let everyone in your party choose one priority to do/see on a certain day. This way you make everyone happy and you leave Orlando having no regrets.


Tip #10 Go Grocery Shopping

As you read in Tip #8, we definitely recommend staying in a condo-hotel resort like Floridays. The best part about this resort is that we offer fully-equipped kitchens. Plan your meals for the week and visit the nearest grocery store to stock up. You will save tons by eating in vs. eating out every day.



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